The new line of COSTUMES of JACQUES HERMES, is a result of the long experience and knowledge that the company has acquired, in the manufacture of clothes.

JACQUES HERMES Suits have been carefully designed. The many and essential contacts with the best European textile and clothing manufacturers with Italian and English design houses with the necessary adaptations to the Greek reality, are the secret for the design success of the JACQUES HERMES collection. The qualities of the materials we use are tested and meet all modern quality standards.

Also, there is a possibility of manufacturing in Suit, Jacket, Pants, ON ORDER (CUSTOM MADE). After consultation, we choose the fabric (large variety) and the pattern (slim fit, semi-tight and classic) and we deliver the tailor-made suit within a week. This is how we cover the most special SOMATOMETIC needs of our customers. And all this is offered at great prices, since JACQUES HERMES is "from production to consumption".