What gift should I get him? 15 gift ideas for men

In trying to find the perfect gift for a man, many fall into the trap of the most "trendy" and "impressive" options. But the secret to finding a gift that will make him happy is often simplicity.

In this spirit, the Jacques Hermes team searched, found and offers you ideas for gifts that meet your friend's wishes. Here are 15 gift ideas for men that perfectly combine functionality and personality.

Always up-to-date ideas for the Classic Man

Your choice should be something that he will be able to use with ease. She will definitely not want to part with a simple knitted blouse , a shirt , a pair of jeans or a sneaker shoe in earthy colors. The jacket and the jacket are also options that will impress. You can finally choose a classic pocket wallet. He will use it literally every day and it will remind him of your kind energy.

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Shirt sky blue Jacques Hermes alt='missing'
Green blouse
Shirt sky blue Jacques Hermes alt='missing'
Shirt Blue
Tampa shoes
Jacket Blue
Black Leather Jacket
Brown Leather Wallet

Training Equipment for Sports Guys

The chance of disappointment with the following sports gifts is nil, no matter what field your friend is in. Keep him warm on cold training nights with a polyester jacket , which will also protect him from moisture. Choose a suit in the blue color that everyone likes or a bag to put the essentials for the gym.

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Double Sided Cardigan Blue
Form Blue
Handbag Black

Gifts for the Housecat
Does the celebrant spend a large percentage of the day at home? She will definitely want to wear clothes that fit comfortably. Choose a zipper top or chino pants . Now hitting the couch will be done in style!

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Bordeaux Zipper Blouse
Beige Chino Pants

Options that will satisfy everyone
If you were not convinced by any of the above suggestions, perhaps you should turn to simpler alternatives. There are great things in small packages too. An umbrella is a practical gift that will definitely not go unused. A comfortable set of underwear will be appreciated and can be combined with a pack of socks for a complete proposal!

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Umbrella Black
Underwear Blue
Black socks

We hope we have helped you overcome the headache of choosing the perfect gift for your friend, and we wish you happy shopping! Subscribe to our newsletter for more suggestions, tips and to be the first to learn about our offers!

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