Men's Jacket, Black, 70102

Winter men's jacket collection Jacques Hermes, from the extremely high quality company Orion. Classic but modern look. Special design, especially in the interior of the jacket. You can see the difference in the quality of materials, usability design and stylish appearance. Beautiful "bone" type buttons "Montgomery". All materials used in jackets from the most famous European suppliers. Perfectly combined the materials, such as leather with fabric (wool "touche"), the specially coated gray inner lining. Ideal for use in town and the weekend. Wear it with jeans, cotton pants and your business look, over his jacket. From the better jacket circulating in Europe this year

  • 4 internal pockets that secure with zipper or button.
  • Fabric 80/18/2 Pes / Vis / Spandex.
  • Greek origin.

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